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Artykuł po polsku tutaj

By annexing Crimea, Vladimir Putin behaved like the Godfather. He told Russia and the world: either your brains or your signature will be on that contract. This policy has proved successful, though nobody knows for how long.

In his yesterday’s speech, Putin spoke his mind: his regime fears no punishment and will do whatever it pleases. Crimea is just a first step in his dream of greatness. Yet he didn’t say everything.

Artykuł po polsku tutaj

Notes from the CzechoSlovakia

After a two-week break, 29th of March the second round of presidential elections in Slovakia will be held, to decide upon the new President of the Slovak Republic between the current Chairman of the Social Democratic party and Prime Minister Robert Fico and politically immaculate independent candidate Andrej Kiska.

Once upon the time, there was an Empire. An Empire that over the years was increasing its sphere of influence – not only conquering the lands of neighboring countries but also by building a network of dependant territories all over the word. This Empire has committed many sins – for example it allowed the population of conquered country to starve while still exporting grain produced in its lands. Only 20th century made it possible for this conquered country to return to independent existence. But it was not the end of its troubles.

Every day army of young wannabe journalists fill the space in Daily Mail and other British tabloids with bits and pieces they find on the Internet or news agencies. They wade through oceans of data in search of the stories that they reckon might be interesting for the British reader. It's a dull job, just copy and paste, sometimes add something to spice things up. From time to time they shape the text in such a way that it will match the expectations of their target audience better. Tabloid readers are especially keen to feed on racial hate or anything that could help them feel superior to others. But do such media workers ever think about what harm their job could cause to people living a thousand miles away and whom they have never even met and are unlikely to ever encounter?

The Polish community in the UK has hardly ever a good press. Some titles seem to choosen the path of slagging Poles and spreading the myths about them as a way to improve their sales... But how true are the informations and general picture of the situation that can be made from reading such articles?



  • Podróże w wieku XVII miały charakter turystyczno – naukowy oraz informacyjno – polityczny. Miały nauczyć oraz „dać obycie”. Podejmowali je wówczas prawie wszyscy młodzi magnaci. Peregrynacje, jak je nazywano, to było okno na świat. Wprowadzały one przybyszów z Rzeczpospolitej w kontakty intelektualne z przedstawicielami myśli europejskiej oraz dawały możliwość zapoznania się z osiągnięciami kultury Europy Zachodniej. Co było równie ważne, młodzież magnacka poznawała osobiście wielu dostojników, co później w okresie piastowania w kraju urzędów senatorskich było niezmiernie przydatne.

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