Wtorek, 29 lipca 2014


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The recent state funeral of late General Jaruzelski sparkled very hot controversies and discussion. As a member of the anti-communist underground I have suffered a lot from the hands of the regime lead by him. But today I do not deny him the right to be buried on Powązki cementary along with his brothers-in-arms from the times of second world war. And I would like to explain why.

Many historians were amongst many emigrants, who settled in the UK after Second World. They did not decided to go back to their country due to new political conditions there. Leon Koczy (1900-1981) was unquestioned star amongst Polish academics. While working as a lecturer at University of Glasgow, he was very active within a Polish community in Scotland.

Since “Wprost” weekly published first of many of private conversations between politicians, Polish media and public are mostly occupied by its emergence. These tapes shocked many, but in most cases not in the way intended by the publishers. Still it caused a strong stir on the Polish political scene.

Artykuł po polsku tutaj

By annexing Crimea, Vladimir Putin behaved like the Godfather. He told Russia and the world: either your brains or your signature will be on that contract. This policy has proved successful, though nobody knows for how long.

In his yesterday’s speech, Putin spoke his mind: his regime fears no punishment and will do whatever it pleases. Crimea is just a first step in his dream of greatness. Yet he didn’t say everything.

Artykuł po polsku tutaj

Notes from the CzechoSlovakia

After a two-week break, 29th of March the second round of presidential elections in Slovakia will be held, to decide upon the new President of the Slovak Republic between the current Chairman of the Social Democratic party and Prime Minister Robert Fico and politically immaculate independent candidate Andrej Kiska.



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